Jim's Marine - Ocean City, Maryland Boat Repair, Detailing, Restoration and Painting experts. Jim's Marine - Ocean City, Maryland Boat Repair, Detailing, Restoration and Painting experts.
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    Wash and Shine:
    We only use non-abrasive washing solutions to wash off dirt, particles, salt and all other marks or scuffs that your vessel has experienced.  We never strip off any paint or gel coat in this process.  We wash and shine until your boat is clean and glossy (given it is up to par with waxing).  The great look of your boat is a result of much elbow grease and care put into each one of our clients boats and yachts.

    Wash Shine and Wax: 
    Precision Yacht Detail uses only the highest marine grade wax on your boat.  After our initial wash we will apply our marine grade wax to your boat and buff out any rough spots or light oxidation.  With this service, we can include waterproofing of all your canvas and vinyl, as well as an application of a special UV protectant so that your colors will not fade. This will help to inhibit the oxidation process.  This service is our most popular service because of how thorough, specialized and meticulous we are about our detailing.  This will give your boat the 'show' style look that everyone seeks.

    Compounding and Oxidation Removal:
    Many boat owners believe that washing a boat every so often is good enough- they fail to understand the harsh environment that their prized investment is sitting in.  UV rays can cause a lot of damage to the fiberglass of your boat.  The fiberglass gel coat will slowly oxidize over time, and create a rough chalky feeling when touched. Neglect of the gel coat is a dangerous thing to do if you care about your investment.  Precision Yacht Detail specializes in oxidation removal. Whether you are restoring a boat, or just want your vessel in great condition, we can remove the oxidation and restore your boat back to its original shine and give it the look you are after.

    * If your boat is already suffering from heavy or light oxidation, please give us a call or email, we would be happy to take a look at it, and provide a estimate.