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     Bottom Painting

    Does Your Boat Need Anti-Fouling Bottom Paint? Not every boat necessarily needs anti-fouling bottom paint, and the type of bottom paint that is best depends on water conditions and the intended use of the boat. However at Jim's Marine we recommend if you plan to leave your boat in the water for more then a few days, You Need Bottom Paint. In some places, hull fouling occurs so quickly that boats can only be left in the water a couple of days before noticeable (and difficult to remove) growth can occur.

    This will cause a dramatic decrease in performance and fuel economy of your boat, and can lead to
    severe damage.

    Jim's Marine can help you pick the right kind of paint for your boat. There are many gimmicks and tricks
    out there that are designed to confuse you, and cost you more money season after season.

    At Jim's Marine our expert technicians apply 4 coats of barrier, and 2 coats of bottom paint. This ensures high performance, and long last protection for your boats hull.

    We also install Prop Speed Products. Anyone who is concerned with excessive fuel consumption, the increase in potential engine-fatigue, the increase in running-gear maintenance and their associated cost. No vessel is immune. Be it a tug-boat, naval ship, sailing yacht, motor yacht, fishing boat, or cruise ship! Today’s boat-owner would never consider launching his vessel in heavily fouled waters without protecting the bottom. The protection of the running gear is just as important for a vessels long-term performance. 

    Propspeed has revolutionized the marine industry by manufacturing a "Low VOC" environmentally friendly coating specifically designed to prevent marine growth from bonding to any metal surface below the waterline. Uses include props, shafts, struts, rudders, trim tabs and thru hull fittings. Propspeed has been tested in the harshest marine environments. Additionally, independent tests confirm that PropSpeed prevents marine growth from attaching to your running gear, resulting in increased speed and reduced fuel consumption.

     Contact us today for our pricing, and we will quote your custom job for your application. 

    Jim's Marine boat bottom painting expert in Ocean City, Maryland